Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Andrew Klavan Author Interview!

I recently read Andrew Klavan's newest book, Crazy Dangerous,

and I loved it! So I wanted to take the time to find out more about one of my favorite authors. And then I decided I wanted you to know more about him too. So without further ado, I give to you Mr. Klavan's interview! :-D (oh! and check out my review for Crazy Dangerous here: Crazy Dangerous Review)

Q:           You’ve had many successes as a best-selling novelist and screenwriter.  What do you hope to bring to the young adult reading audience with books like this latest release?
A:            I like to tell stories that move like lightning—and I like to read stories like that too.  I love video games, love them, and it sometimes seems to me that younger people aren’t being offered books that are as fast and as thrilling and involving as those games. That’s too bad because when a high-octane story comes at you off the pages of a book, it’s different, it’s special—it’s almost magic, because it’s like it’s happening inside your head. You know the character’s thoughts. You get inside his imagination and his story gets into yours. No game or movie can do that—only a book. So I figured if I used the skills I learned in creating thrillers for adults, I’d be able to introduce younger people to a kind of exciting reading experience maybe they haven’t had before or haven’t had enough.

Q:           As a screenwriter, do you envision your fiction on the big screen someday? 
A:            Well, look, it was a real thrill to see movies made out of my books. I mean, to have Clint Eastwood star in True Crime, Michael Douglas star in Don’t Say A Word—how cool is that? And, I’m really excited that the Summit Entertainment folks, who have had a ton of success with the Twilight films and Hurt Locker want to put The Homelanders series on the silver screen. But I’ve always been a book guy first and foremost. I love books and I love reading—so I don’t really think about the movies when I write. Sometimes, when a book is finished, sure, I’ll imagine about how it might look as a movie or which movie star might be in it. But while I’m actually writing the book, I never think about it at all. I try to pour all my energy into making the story and characters come alive on the page. Someday, a director and producer and screenwriter and actors may come together to produce their version of the story. But if you want to hear it first-hand, straight from the imagination that created the story, you have to read the book.

Q:           What kind of feedback have you had from readers about your young adult work?
A:            The thing I’ve heard repeatedly that I’m really, really pleased about is: I could never get my son—nephew—grandson—whatever—to read, but he can’t put this book down. I’ve heard it again and again and every time I hear it, I go into a room by myself, close the door, pump my fists and say, “Yes!”  …and then come out straight-faced as if nothing had happened.

Hope you guys enjoyed that interview as much as I did! :D Cya l8r g8r! ;)

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