Friday, October 26, 2012

Dead To You by Lisa McMann


-based on content between pages 1 and 180-

Movie Rating: R--read at your own expense! You will come out of your experience with this book shaken to the core. Oh and did I mention that you should probably lower your standards to almost nothing to complete this book?
Book Rating: I don't give this book any stars. It was even worth the poop stuck to my dog's butt (yeah, it's gross but so's the book)
Swearing: Omg. Think of every possible swear word out there and then just keep repeating them to yourself inside your head over and over and over and you'll probably get the picture of how many times every swear word was said and just how many there were in the book
Inappropriate Scenes: Again, Omg. I learned a lot more than I ever ever ever ever wanted to about what goes on inside a pervert's head.
# of Pages: TOO MANY!!
Genre: I dunno. YA Porn?
Publisher: Simon Pulse--I hate you

Back Blurb:

Ethan was abducted from his front yard when he was just seven years old. Now, at sixteen, he has returned to his family. It's a miracle... at first. Then the tensions start to build. His reintroduction to his old life isn't going smoothly, and his family is tearing apart all over again. If only Ethan could remember something, anything, about his life before, he'd be able to put the pieces back together. But there's something that's keeping his memory blocked. Something unspeakable....

My Review:

(because i'm on a rant it might be a rather long review...)

Okay, so let me just start off by asking you know that little nagging feeling you get when you pick up a book that you really want to read and you just know that it's going to be a flop but you don't listen to your little six sense and go ahead and get the book anyway, does anybody else get that six-sense and ignore it? Because that is exactly what I did with this book. (i will always listen to my six-sense from now on.)

Confession: I don't read books like this! I do not! I'm very embarrassed that I even got as far as I did in this book. In fact, this book was so embarrassing that I wasn't go to review it but then I got to thinking: I don't want someone else to make the same horrible mistake I did. So without further ado I give to you my review:

To read this book if you are sensitive to 'content' in a book let me tell you your best friend: Bic Whiteout. In fact, why don't you just go buy stock in Bic? I went through almost my whole bottle of Whiteout. (i should have just quite it right there but i kept telling myself that it would get better, my mistake) I finally stopped reading this book because I was so SICK AND TIRED of hearing about it was so hard for Ethan to 'control' himself around this girl and that he really really really wanted to have sex with her. I mean, gosh, come on now! And then it was very graphic about it.
It was very graphic and very gross and disturbing that the author could actually write something like this. And not only that but that a publisher, marketing agents, editors, and reviewers stood behind this book. So I say this, "To everyone that stood behind Dead To You I blame you for the low standards of America. I hope you're happy that you had a part in that. You should be proud. (end sarcasm)"
I could easily have stabbed Ethan. Easily. He made me so mad. I probably would have cheered if he died. And the only thing that saved this book from being burned in our fire pit was the fact that it was library book.
This book was pathetic. And I have to ask myself: How many girls suffered at the hands of their boyfriends because of this book? It was nothing short of porn for teens. It was disgusting. And I feel sorry for Mrs. Lisa (yeah, you heard me right) because she now has to be judged at the Throne of God for all the smut she wrote. I'm so disappointed and embarrassed. Very ashamed of myself.

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