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*if I do not reply to your review request within one week I am unable to review your book at this time*

Howdy, authors! Are you looking for a reviewer to review your book? Are you looking for a reviewer that will review your book for FREE?!? Well, I know someone who might be interested..... ME!!! :) But before you think I'm the right fit as your reviewer here are some facts about me that might change your mind:

My Beliefs: I am a born again Bible believing Christian. Which means I don't read books with sex scenes or over-excessive swearing in them. (they can have romance in there just not um, messing around. :)
My Favorite Genres: I love Dystopian, Sci-fi, Fanstasy, some Romance, some Paranormal, Action/Adventure, and Thrillers
My Least Favorite Genres: I do not like to read Historical Romance, Memoirs, Biographies, Devotionals, and Erotica 

I strongly suggest you read at least one of my review to see if it's to your liking. You can see all of my reviews here: My Reviews

Some Miscellaneous notes:

I only review paperback copies. I don't have an e-reader and reading on my computer gives me really bad headaches.

You can pick the date you want me to post the review. As long as it's not already taken. 

I will link to your author page and your book's amazon page and include the book's trailer at the end review (if it has a trailer and only as long as the book is appropriate).

I will not sell any copies I obtain for review.

Okay, now that we have that covered. If your book is still something that you would like me to read and review you can email me at themaniacalbookworm[at]gmail[dot]com. Please include in the email:

  • Your book blurb
  • Your book cover
  • Some information about yourself
  • Or a GoodReads link to your book
  • And any additional information you might want to provide
Thank you for considering me! :P I look forward to reading and reviewing your book. If you have any questions just ask! :)


  1. Oops, I did not know that you can't read off your computer! Sorry, I'll stop sending you those free e-books. And I just now discovered that you don't like historical romances. What is wrong with you? Lol, jk. You can send all of those over to me. :)

    1. hey, it's okay. I'm glad you're thinking of me. :) okay, i'll send all of the historical romances to you. <3

  2. I felt really bad...I should have guessed, by the way you asked me, 'Don't you feel bad when you read stuff from a computer?' I should have known. Sorry! Yay! Historical romance!'s like...not yay level...but still...:)

  3. Oh my gosh Brenna you dont like Historical Romance:O


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