Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You know your addicted when......

You know you are addicted to The Hunger Games when.....

(1) You paint Team Gale on your shirts and argue with anyone who disagrees ;)
(2) You memorize The Hanging Tree song and sing it over and over and over
(3) You bribe your dad into buying you a magazine about the movie stuffed with pictures and posters and then read it every day
(4) Your profile picture on every website you are a member of is of Katniss Everdeen
(5) Your computer name is "The #1 HG fan"
(6) Your computer background is the movie poster
(7) You babysit YouTube watching for more movie trailers (be sure check out TV spots 1-5! They start off the same but their different in the middle. it's awesome!)
(8) You know every fascinating fact about the movie before it even comes out
(9) You dream about watching The Hunger Games or going to The Hunger Games
(11) You set your parents phone and computer alarms to go off at 4 o'clock in the afternoon to remind them that The Huger Games movie is out
(12) You hack into your parente's FB account and say how much they love The Hunger Games and how they can't wait to watch the movie.

What do you do to show your addiction? *Please please please comment!* I want to know how many Gamians I have following me! :D

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