Monday, March 19, 2012

This Friday! :O

I know you've heard this a lot from me, but all you Hunger Games fans will understand that enough is just never enough. :) Anyway, the movie of notice that comes out this Friday is *gasps in excitement* THE HUNGER GAMES!!! *Duh-duhn-duh-da* Wooo-hoooo! :D :D :D :D :D  Tickets started selling February 20th (i think) and they just haven't stopped. Fascinating Fact: When The Hunger Games tickets went on sale February 20th it not only hit (and I think it beat) Twilight's record sales but also made 85% of the day's profits! How cool is that? So the theaters will probably be sold out for a couple of days. (I'm jealous of all you lucky people who already got your tickets...) So I probably won't be giving review on The Hunger Games movie until at least a week after it comes out. :( But I didn't want you guys to forget. :) So just a reminder, at 11 o'clock Thursday night they are releasing The Hunger Games movies in theaters. Don't miss it! The book was stupendous and the I'm pretty sure the movie will be too! :D Keep a watch on the countdown on the tab Everything HG on my blog. It has it down to the exact minute! hehehe (Comment below if you're a Hunger Games fan-I call them Gamians-you won't win anything but I'm just curious!)

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