Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Evan Angler Author Interview: Part 2!!

Onstage with me today for the second time, is super awesome author, Evan Angler!!! (But don't tell anyone because he's hiding and can't be found) With new and improved (well, not sure about that) questions! And I'm pretty sure Mr. Angler is super excited today because his second book, Sneak, released today! :O How cool is that? (Be sure to get your copy of this super duper awesome book!!!!!)

*Mr. Angler walks onstage and takes a bow. Fans go wild!*

So, Mr. Angler Question 1:

1: If you had the power to keep earth at one season for a year which season would it be?

Fall. I like the air in the fall—cooler at night, crisp and comfortable in the day, not too hot but not yet bitter or snowstormy. I like the colors of the leaves on the ground, and the promise of holidays around the corner...Fall reminds us that there’s beauty to be found in growing older. It’s the season of change, and change is good.

2: If you were a Superhero what would your name be?

Who says I’m not a Superhero? 

3: If you were a superhero what would your theme song be?

I think I’d choose that old, pre-Unity theme song for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That song rocked pretty hard, and it was also singularly bizarre in a way that really does it for me.

4: If you could make one day last a week what would you do during that one day?

Honestly? I’d write.

5: If you could be any ruler from the past who would you be?

George Washington. Everyone liked George Washington.

6: If you could be any villain or rebel from a book who would you be and from what book?

Severus Snape, if only because I love so much to keep people guessing...

7: If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Author. For me, there’s never been a choice.

8: If you started a band what kind of songs would you sing and what would you call your band?

Actually, I’ve been in several bands over the years. True story. That’s what made it so easy to write about Dane Harold’s band, the Boxing Gloves! But if I were to start a new band, I think we’d sing folk rock/bluegrass. Banjos, fiddles, guitars, four-part harmonies, catchy tunes, the works. And I’d call us The Sweepers, since all our fans would be Dust. :-)

9: If you were a character in a book would you be the villain, the kick-butt hero, or the man/damsel in distress?

I’d probably either be the hero or the villain. There can be a fine line between the two, and sometimes the only difference is who comes out on top. History, after all, is written by the winners...

10: What is your favorite food?

Chicken noodle soup. Who ever gets tired of chicken noodle soup? Bonus if it's hot. 

11: What was your inspiration to writing the Swipe Series?

Nearly everything I read, experience, or discover inspires me in some way, and I suppose all of it finds a page in the Swipe Series sooner or later.

In terms of real-world events, a handful of pre-Unity developments leading up to the American Union were particularly hard to ignore: severe weather changes; growing cultural tension; widening inequality; rapid technological progress; worsening shortages of water, food, land, and oil; worldwide social unrest...it is important that we continue to write and to think about all of these challenges. 

But most profoundly, it is the Dust's journey that has inspired me. Theirs is a story that tells itself, and I'm just doing my best to write it down as fast as I can in the hope that I can keep up. 

There've been times when I've doubted myself. DOME is, after all, breathing heavily down the back of my neck. But every time I do, somehow some Unmarked friend makes his or her way into my life, and finds a way to keep me going. (If you'd like, you can read my profiles on these people here: http://www.evanangler.com/notes/)

12: If the Swipe Series was made into a movie who would you want to play Logan and Erin?

If any movies are ever made of the events described in the Swipe Series, my dream would be for Logan, Erin, and the Dust to portray themselves onscreen. But I’ve brought too much attention to them with these books as it is, so perhaps it would be best to bring in a cast of unknowns…

13: What would you want the movie's theme song to be? 

I absolutely love the music used in the new trailer for SNEAK (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-8YiWa8p3M&feature=player_embedded) Maybe that could be our theme song!

14: Tell us about the newest book Sneak.

SNEAK will be available everywhere as of Tuesday, September 4th (http://www.thomasnelson.com/sneak.html), both in paperback and e-book. It begins one month after the end of SWIPE, with Logan very much on the run and still reeling after stirring up some pretty serious trouble with DOME. Markless everywhere are worse off than ever; the Dust is broken, hiding, and aimless; and Erin--Logan's best friend in the world--is dead set against him, determined to find him and turn him in. But Logan has a purpose now. He’s on a mission that’ll take him all the way across the American Union, and he's not about to let anything--or anyone--stop him. Along the way, he'll learn about a nationwide  network called the Unmarked River, and with the help of Markless everywhere, he'll delve deeper into DOME's secret plans than he ever thought possible. 

At its heart, SNEAK is about the search for truth and the power of truth. Learning to question, to think for ourselves, to be honest about what's most important to us in our own lives, to take nothing for granted, and to believe in the power of our convictions...this is what Logan and his friends strive to do in SNEAK, and I hope these are some of the things that Dust everywhere will take away from reading this book.

15: Can you tell us about the next book in the Swipe Series? What will it be called and what is it about?
The third book in the Swipe Series is going to be a wild, wild ride with some breakneck twists, turns, and surprises. The stakes escalate very quickly given all that happens in SNEAK, and there isn't a single person in the A.U. who won't feel the consequences of that. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, since very few people have even read SNEAK yet, but suffice to say we have much to look forward to in Book 3. 

Great interview, Mr. Angler! You have withstood my prying questions, yet again. And still managed to keep your location secret!! Congratulations! :D But I'm looking over it and, not to put you on the spot here or anything, but um, you said in Question 10 that it's a bonus if the chicken noodle soup is hot. Do you really eat  it cold?! Anyway, to get the readers of this interview involved a little I'm going to give your guys some websites and such that you really need to check out and your opportunity to pretend that this is your interview! Just copy one of the above questions and paste it into the comment box, and then answer it! 

Here's some websites to check out:

Okay, and now, I want to answer my own question.... :) I'm going to do Question 9: If you were a character in a book would you be the villain, the kick-butt hero, or the man/damsel in distress?

I would want to be the hero if I was good. Because like Mr. Angler said, It is difficult to tell the difference between a hero and a villain sometimes.

What question would you like to answer? Answer it in the comments!

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