Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Policy Change!!!!

Okay so I had a policy that said I don't review on request. Well, I have changed that. I've been getting tons of emails asking me to review their books, and I'm so sick of having nothing to read that I'm changing my policy. :) So here's the new policy:

I will review your book if:

-it sounds like something I would like to read. (i go mainly for fantasy, dystopian, and thriller but I might make an exception for some romances)
-it DOES NOT have any sex scenes in it. It must be family friendly!
-it has little to no swear words. (if your book contains the f-bomb forget it)

You must agree to send me a paperback or hardcover version of your book. I HATE all PDF files and ereaders! Also, I have the right to deny your book for review.

When you email me:

-please send me a picture of the book's cover
-the back blurb
-the author's bio
-and information on the content of the book. 


I will almost always agree to review a book from publishers. However, if the book you send me has sex scenes in it or too much swearing be prepared for a low review!

My email is: themaniacalbookworm[at]gmail[dot]com

PS--I will NOT sell the books you send me. I believe that it is wrong to get a book for free and then try to sell them.

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