Monday, May 07, 2012

Cover Convo #3: Matched trilogy

I haven't reviewed any of this trilogy on my blog yet. But FYI the first two books were just astounding! : ) And because I loved them and their covers so much I'm doing a cover conversation about them!

Matched and Crossed are already released but
Reached Release Date: November 13, 2012! (I've been waiting over a year for this book)


This has to be my favorite trilogy book covers EVER coming after (The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner)! I love how it starts out with her trapped in the glass ball, then she's breaking out, and finally, she's all the way out and free. It gets the point of each book across very well. I'm guessing that in Reached she's finally free of the government because she's all the way out of the ball. I like the main colors. Green, Blue, and Red. Those colors have a special meaning. In the Society every citizen has to carry a container around containing these pills. They can only take them after an Official says so. SPOILER! The pills help brainwash the people.

Green pill = Green cover
Blue pill = Blue cover
Red pill? = Red cover

*i'm so excited for this book to come out!*  When this book finally comes out I will have been waiting for this book for over a YEAR!!! Gosh, I wish books could come out a lot sooner than that! So right now I'm stuck staring at this awesome cover. Btw, I really want the red dress Cassia's wearing! :) It's so pretty! And I seriously hope that Cassia and Ky get together. Xander can get together with that Indie girl. They match. I didn't care for Xander and I didn't care for Indie so yeah, them two can get together. And Ky is so sweet. Him and Cassia just click. Xander's seems to pushy and me me me. Did anyone else get that? Hopefully I'll put a book review up of Matched soon, ok? I just got to get it from the library first so I can read it again. ;)
 *Fascinating Fact: In Matched the green dress Cassia is wearing on the cover played an important part in the book. In Crossed the blue overalls Cassia is wearing played a part in the the book too. So what's the red dress gonna do? :)

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