Monday, May 21, 2012

Cover Conversation #4: Guardian by Heather Burch

I got a message from Heather Burch asking to if I wanted to be an influencer for Guardian. This, of course, means that I get a copy of Guardian before it even comes out to the store. So in appreciation of this kindness, I decided to do a Cover Convo. for Guardian and Halflings. :)

Halflings' Cover:

This cover was eye catching. The dark sinister-looking woods in the background. The wings above her head. Yes, this cover definitely caught my eye. So I picked up the book and read it. I LOVED IT!!! Seriously, the only paranormal book that I enjoyed was Halflings. (Check out the review here: Halflings) So I immediately went to GoodReads and added Halflings #2 to my to-read shelf. This is the cover that I saw......(ready to see it?)........

Guardian's Release Date: October 2012 

I have to wait 5 MORE MONTHS for this book!!! :O So not fair! So we still have the dark and sinister-looking trees, the wings above her head, but we now see the other two main characters: Mace & Raven. (Let me just say, for all you chicks who dig bad boys, Raven is the Bomb! Seriously, who cares about Gale Hawthorne from Hunger Games or Tobias from Divergent? Raven beats them all hands down.) And the main character Nikki looks more kick-butt than she does on the Halflings cover. Which I'm really happy about. :) And the tagline is making me bounce in my seat in anticipation! "They chose to protect her but forgot to guard their hearts." *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee* I'm hyper ventilating. October. Come. NOW! Please! *pathetic whimper* Please? So if you haven't gotten the point that I'm super excited to read this book and I just adored Halflings then you need to read the post again. : ) And as a parting statement: Go buy your copy of this spectacular christian paranormal romance novel: Halflings!

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