Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Writing Tip: From a Reader to a Writer

     I don't know how many authors look at my blog. I really don't know. But I have a little hint for your writing. I'm not a writer. Not at all! I'm a reader. So here's a hint from a reader to writers (or wannabe writers).  *DON'T WRITE DIRTY!*  Let me try to explain it this way: The world is divided into approximately 2 groups. Group 1 hates to read dirty books (dirty as in sex scenes and swearing) and Group 2 doesn't mind reading dirty books. Now, I know that the Group 2 is considerably larger than Group 1, which is why a lot of authors choose to write dirty. BUT if an author writes a good clean book that appeals to BOTH groups wouldn't he/she make more money and possibly get better ratings? If someone from Group 1 reads a dirty book they're going to give it a very low review and tell all their friends to not read the book. But if there's a book that appeals to BOTH Group 1 & 2, both groups are more than likely going to give the book awesome reviews and tell all their friends to read the book! If you're an awesome writer, people are going to read your book, even if it's not dirty. What helped The Hunger Games and Maximum Ride get so big that every teenager in America now knows their name? The writing and the fact that it appealed to EVERYONE that reads! Not just to Group 2. Do you honestly think that those books would
have become so big if they had been dirty? I don't think so.
    So APPEAL to BOTH groups of readers! Not just one! You'll make more money, get better reviews, and probably find the world a better place with all them clean books lying around! ;) My personal motto: "Saving the World. One book at a time!"

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