Friday, February 03, 2012

I have an announcement! :O

(This is the book cover)

(This is the movie poster)

As you know I am the BIGGEST Hunger Games fan. (just ask my poor mom as she deals with a very ecstatic teenager blabbing on and on and on alllllll day about the hunger games. luckily, she still has some hair) And well I learned that there is a BRAND NEW movie trailer out for it. So I thought I'd post it here just for you guys. (and for me so I can watch it over and over and over) :D And then I thought I'd post one of the songs for it on here too. Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift. March 23,2012! Only 48 days 4 hours and 8 minutes! :D

(this is the movie trailer)

(this is the song)


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