Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SGC cosmetic review

It's me again! :) Hope everyone had a wonderful day. I know I did!

I recently had the pleasure of finding StudioGear Cosmetic's Black Pocket Liner in my mailbox a few days ago and I was so excited to try it.
This product is amazing! I love how the felt-tip provides a no mess experience (something you don't really get with an eyeliner brush) and I love how it's the perfect size to stick in your pocket for those time when you need an emergency fixer upper. The super thin tip provides a perfect small line that compliments your eyes wonderfully! There's nothing I would change about this product. It's perfectly amazing just the way it is. But perhaps, maybe getting another color available instead of just black? StudioGear is quickly becoming my favorite makeup brand Ever! 
You can check out their website here: http://studiogearcosmetics.com/product-category/make-up/
And if you find something you like use the coupon code Maniacal13 for a 10% off discount! Enjoy that spring weather! :)

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