Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Below the Surface by Tim Shoemaker


My Rating: @@
# of Pages: 397 (hardcover)
Inappropriate Scenes: None
Swearing: None
Genre: Middle Grade YA
Publisher: Zondervan

Back Blurb:
Buried fears don’t stay buried for long. Something is wrong with Cooper. He doesn’t understand it, and he won’t admit it, but after surviving the trauma of abduction, Cooper is plagued by a deep fear he can’t control. A vacation aboard the restored Getaway with his friends is just what he needs. No drama, no mysteries, just fun, relaxation, and a few well-planned pranks. But trouble follows this crew, and the idea of a carefree vacation soon disappears along with a missing woman. The police think she drowned, but Hiro has her own suspicions and starts investigating, while Cooper keeps busy and hides behind his practical jokes. But fear has a way of rising. A prank gone wrong, a dark water dive, and the four friends find more than they bargained for - just below the surface.

My Review:
 I received this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. I mostly got this book for my brother who loves the series. I enjoyed the first book in the series but for some reason I couldn't get into this book. It didn't grab my interest at all. Maybe it was because it was below my age level, I don't know. The plot didn't make sense. It seemed to me like this kid dived into the water and he got scared because it was so dark under the water. That's what the first couple of chapters were about. I hate to say I didn't like the book because I feel like there needs to be more clean books out there for kids and I would like to support Tim Shoemaker as much as I can because being an author cannot be the easiest profession. So I will recommend this book to other kids that are younger than me because they will probably like it. I know my brother did, it just wasn't for me. 

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