Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jonathan Friesen:: Author Interview

Hello, everyone! With me today is awesome author, Jonathan Friesen author of Aquifer! I really enjoyed his interview and I hope you enjoy it as well.

What are you 5 favorite songs?

This will date me:
The Eagles "Take it to the Limit."
James Taylor "Fire and Rain."
Journey "Open Arms"
Amy Winehouse

2: What is the worst movie of all time?
The Blob.    It was a cheap horror flick from the 1970s

3: What is the worst song of all time?

REM. It's the End of the World as we Know it. Only because there are a million words and I can't remember them or sing along to it.

4: What is your earliest memory?

Sitting on my Dad's lap and "driving." I was probably three.

5: What was your favorite school subject?

Phy. Ed.

6: What was your least favorite subject?

English and Physics. Equally deplorable. 

7: What is your favorite color?

Finally an easy one. Green. Forest Green.

8: You're walking down the road and a big dog cuts you off, raises his hackles, and starts barking at you. You try to run but he bites at your ankles. You have nothing to defend yourself except an empty water bottle, a squashed Skittle, and a stretchy sweat band. How do you get away?

I pinch myself and wake up. Another easy one. Now, a bear or a cougar is a different story. We have plenty of them come across our land. But to get away from those animals, I would also need a cotton ball, and you didn't give me a cotton ball.

9: Tell us a little about Aquifer.

The year is 2250, and the emotionless humans living on the earth's surface are out of drinkable water. These "Toppers" are dependent on the Water Rats (a hideous, de-evolved race of humans who live five miles underground) to mine water from the Aquifer and pump it to the surface. They are also dependent on Massa. He is their Deliverer, the man who alone knows the way down to the Rats' domain. Once a year he descends and makes the Exchange: light rods from above for another year of fresh water from below. When Massa disappears, the terrifying responsibility falls to his sixteen-year old son, Luca. But the world of the Rats he descends to is nothing like he expected. Neither is the choice he's forced to make, one which will save, or doom, two civilizations. 

Oh. Ah. This dystopian is mighty good!

10: What character was easiest for you to write about?

Seward, the water pirate. I'd love to write a book just about him.

11: What character was hardest for you to write about?

Lendi, Luca's best friend. Writing him out broke my heart.

12: Do you have any ideas for more books?

Oh yeah. Mayday comes out in April, 2014 (Penguin). It's all finished and waiting to be released. One word descriptor: How do you save a life when you've already sacrificed your own? Cracks (Blink) will come out in November, 2014. This is a gritty, tortured relationship-based novel about a young man with autism and the Londoner who comes to love him. This one will touch your heart.

13: What or who was/is your greatest encouragement as an author?

Two author friends. Cec Murphey and Lauraine Snelling.
Both have been mentors for some time.

14: Do you have any favorite sayings?

Remember whose you are. That's from my dad.
Lol! Thank you for the interview Mr. Friesen. Your dad's quote is super funny and I think we all want to know how to chase a bear away with a cotton ball. Okay, guys, put your hands together for this wonderful author and check out his website here: http://www.jonathanfriesen.com/
You can also read my review for this wonderful book here: http://themaniacalbookworm.blogspot.com/2013/07/aquifer-by-jonathan-friesen.html
And, as always, thank you for visiting my blog today!

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