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Cindy Cipriano Author Interview and Giveaway [US]

With me today is Ahmazing YA author, Cindy Cipriano.
About Ms. Cipriano:
Cindy Cipriano lives in North Carolina with her husband, son, and 27 pets. Okay, maybe not 27. More like three dogs, one cat, and many, many, fish. Cindy is a 2012 recipient of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund PRISM award, and was named Outstanding Science Teacher in 2009 by the NC Science Teachers Association.
The Circle is Cindy’s first novel, and the first book in the Sidhe Series. Two of her short stories, "What Lance Saw," and "Miller's Island," were published in the children's anthology, Doorway to Adventure (September, 2010).

 She's talking about her book The Circle. (and there is a giveaway)
Back Blurb:
Calum Ranson is sure of three things:  his cousin Finley is alive, Calum will find him, and no one knows Calum and his family are Sidhe.  No one until Laurel shows up at his mother's bookstore wearing a dark clan's mark.  When Calum learns the details surrounding the disappearance of Laurel's brother, he suspects the evil Hobayeth clan.  Calum and Laurel work together in the Realm of Man and the Otherworld to rescue her brother - revealing a connection between Calum and Laurel that may cost Finley his life.

And now on to the interview (read it all cuz there will be a question in the giveaway form that gets you extra points)


1: What is one job you would NEVER want to do?
Ha!  I don’t know. I’ve done a variety of jobs from working in a corn field to counter waitress in a doughnut shop to working in a research lab. I guess each job is what you make of it.  

2: Who is your favorite actress/actor?
Is it a little sad that I don’t have just one? I tend to like the actors in whatever series I’m currently watching. I’d guess at this moment, it would be Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey) or Robert Carlyle (Once Upon A Time).

3: Tell us a little about your book The Circle?
The Circle is the story of three rising sixth-graders, Calum, Hagen, and Laurel, and how their pasts are uniquely linked. As they discover their common thread, they become fiercely loyal and determined to right the wrongs that have caused them pain.

It is interesting that Calum, who is a Sidhe (Irish word for faerie) very much desires the opportunity to tell someone (other than his cousin, Hagen) about his magical abilities. While Laurel has had a brush with faeries, but isn’t sure she should believe what she’s experienced. She is still, however, actively searching for them.

A bit of trivia about the setting:  The Circle is set in the mountains of North Carolina, but I borrowed the name of the school, from my days in Longwood, Florida, and the name of the springs from my days in Columbia, South Carolina. I also include the very real Fairy Stone Park in Virginia because I love including actual mystical places in my novels.

There are some deleted scenes on my website that will give you more of a feel for the story:  Along with some Sidhe recipes:

4: Who was the hardest character to write about and why?
I’d say Kenzie was the hardest.  I really wanted her to be different from other moms in middle grades literature. I wanted Kenzie to have that eyes-in-the-back-of-my-head mom superpower, but I didn’t want her to be overbearing.

5: Who was the easiest character to write about and why?
Donnelly. He’s just so much fun!  I believe he is my favorite character.

6: Do you have any special sayings that help you in your journey as a writer?
“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” --- Winston Churchill

And now on to the giveaway. Have fun and please say a BIG thank you to Ms. Cipriano is the comments!

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