Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Random Wednesday:: Second Amendment Rights

       Okay, so a lot people are voicing their opinions on the Second Amendment and I wanted to voice my opinion on it because I'm outspoken and don't want to be ignored. A lot people don't agree with the Second Amendment and they want it abolished. And the first thing they say to back up their argument is that, "Guns are Dangerous." Well, dddduuuuuhhhhh. Give the person a prize. But then again--so are knives! And we use then to cut our food. And yes, even the dreaded butter knife is dangerous. And, oh wait, CARS! Cars are dangerous. And, guess what? ALCOHOL! So if were taking guns away because they kill people and are dangerous perhaps we should take the cars away too. And the alcohol. And the butter knives. And STICKS! Because you can kill someone with a stick. (Bye bye baseball. We're just being fair here. It's nothing personal.) And oops did we forget rocks too? I think we should get rid of rocks because I tripped yesterday and bashed my knees on a rock and it bled. Rocks are dangerous. Lets get rid of rocks. OH! And dogs, because some dogs are bred to be killers. *gasp* NOT TOTO! Do you see what I'm getting at readers? Or should I keep going because I can go on for a long time....Back to guns:
        Yes, guns are dangerous. But it's not the guns fault if someone is shot, it's the person who pulled the trigger's fault right? So that makes the man dangerous right and not necessarily the gun, right? Because if it's the gun's fault that it shot someone, then it's the fork's fault it stabbed somebody, and it's the tree's fault for pushing someone out of a tree, and it's the car's fault for running someone over, et cetera. You see what I'm meaning? It's ridiculous. And then these Hollywood actors and actresses get into it. You'll find all kinds of actors and actresses telling you you should give up your guns. These are the same people that are protected with armed bodyguards! Hello? Can we get a little more idiotic here? (but then, Hollywood is not known for their IQ level they're better known for their divorces and people they slept with)
So next they say, "Do you know how many people were murdered with a gun?!" (by this time their getting ready to give you the finger for not agreeing with them and you're looking at them like the idiot they are for wanting to get rid of the right to protect yourself and your family)
I guess my thought is, that if someone wanted to kill someone and they didn't have gun that they would still find something else to murder the person, right? There's worse ways to die than a bullet. 
And now, if our guns were taken away wouldn't that make a American citizens nothing more than robots only obeying the person with the guns, because if the guns are taken away who has the guns? The people that took them right? I don't know about you, and maybe it's my teenage rebellious spirit talking, but I'm not ready to be a robot and a slave.I was born into a free America and I'll die in a free America, even if I have to fight for my freedom. This post is to fight for my Second Amendment right to protect myself.


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