Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Come on America!

I don't like hypocrites. Don't like them and he's one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever heard of:

So you know what? Let's give this gun control a test run! Yeah! A test run! To make things fair we're going to take away allll of the president, vice president, secretary of state guns their body- guards have for a total of 9 months. (Because they're no better then us peon citizens. So why should they get special laws when we have to suffer?) And then we'll see how they like to feel when they can't protect their family and how they like to feel helpless and vulnerable.

You scream for the safety of your kids; you scream to have guns taken away; you scream for protection but are you really that naive to believe that taking guns away will be the answer? 

Okay, let's imagine this:
   The President of the USA passes a law banning all guns. A law, okay? Got that? Okay, so every law abiding citizen hands in their guns because that's what they are right? They're law-abiding. So then you're watching a movie with your happy and safe family and then a criminal walks in and starts waving this GUN in the air (according to the dictionary a synonym of Criminal is Lawbreaker so apparently criminals break laws so naturally he would have a gun and *gasp* that safe and wonderful law is not protecting anything!) Back to the story:
   So your family jumps up screaming, the criminal grabs your 5 year old son, shoves the gun up to his head and fires. (because there are some people that just like to watch the world burn)
   Your wife is shrieking and your daughter is just staring in shock. You-the dad-start scanning the room for a weapon but Guess What you voted to have all the guns taken away. There's no weapon for you to protect your family with except a pillow from the couch. And face it, what are you going to do? Throw the pillow at him? Hit him with the ferocious pillow? You're toast, man. Toast. And so is your family. That criminal has now murdered your whole family, taken your money, and left. And perhaps, just perhaps, you would've had a chance to live if you hadn't voted for gun control.

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