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WinterHaven Sleigh Tour!!! Event #1--Book Review and Giveaway

Well, it's December! Snow is falling or getting ready to fall or already has fell (depends on where you live), everyone's going Christmas shopping, and all the book lovers are curled up with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. Right? :-) And to kick off the month of December today is my turn for the very first Event for the WinterHaven Sleigh Tour! And what I have to do is post a book review with either Winter in the title, a Christmas book, or a winter setting. So I'm going to post a review about Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. (yes, I know it's not a Christmas book but it does have winter in its title. :) 

If you would like to see who else is on this tour you can go to this super duper awesome blog: WinterHaven Books and check 'em out! : )

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

Movie Rating: PG-13 for strong language
Book Rating: @@@
Swearing: multiple uses of S**t, H**; and D**n, and one use of the f-bomb
Inappropriate Scenes: None
# of Pages: 288 (paperback)
Genre: YA something. (i have no idea what)
Publisher: Speak
LLFTB: Your choice not only affects you it can affect others too

Back Blurb:

Lia and Cassie are best friends, wintergirls frozen in fragile bodies, competitors in a deadly contest to see who can be the thinnest. But then Cassie suffers the ultimate loss-her life-and Lia is left behind, haunted by her friend's memory and racked with guilt for not being able to help save her. In her most powerfully moving novel since Speak, award-winning author Laurie Halse Anderson explores Lia's struggle, her painful path to recovery, and her desperate attempts to hold on to the most important thing of all: hope. 

My Review:


   First off let me say that this book is really super sad, but it has a good moral lesson. "If you make a choice that will hurt you it will also hurt others." That's the lesson I got out of this book. So it did have some good points. 
   It wasn't a horrible book but it was good either. I found the main character very annoying. She was so stupid. She couldn't tell that her mother loved her? That her step-mom loved her? That her dad loved her? That her step-sister loved her? That her whole family loved her and that's why they wanted her to get over her anorexia? I mean, come on now. 
   Also, when her family punished her for what she did to herself instead of facing everybody and saying she's sorry she decides to run away with a scum-bag?!? Seriously? Is she dumb? 
   And the writing was also really hard to follow sometimes. It didn't make any sense at all and I would re-read the same sentence over and over I would re-read the same sentence over and over I would re-read the sentence over and over and still be like, "WHAT?!?" But I really liked the calorie counts after the food mentioned in the book. That was just really interesting. 
   This book has a very good lesson that should not be missed. Anorexia is a horrible thing. And no one should feel worthless enough to starve themselves to be skinny. 

PS--I found a special way to fix swearing in a book. WHITE OUT!!! >:)

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