Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WinterHaven Sleigh Tour!!! Event #2--Santa Wishlist

Hello again followers and readers! Today is my day on the WinterHaven Books Sleigh Tour! So what I have to do today is write a letter to Santa telling him which book I would like to see under the Christmas Tree for: moi! : ) So here it is......

Dear Santa,

This is like the very first letter I've ever written to you. (because I'm guessing you're not real and if you ever climb down my non-existent chimney I'll call the cops on you....) But I just wanted to tell you that if you could somehow persuade my parents to get me Reached by Ally Condie

 that would be stupendous.... :-D Because you see, I've already read and bought Matched and Crossed and I loved them! But I don't have Reached yet and I would really love to finish the series and find out what happens and who Cassia gets together with and what happens to the Society. So you know, if you could persuade them to get Reached for me I'd really appreciate it! : )
                                   The Maniacal Bookworm

P.S.--If Reached doesn't work out then Lullaby by Amanda Hocking would be awesome :)


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