Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Okay, so sometimes I get in the mood to write a poem (mainly, because I fantasize that I would put the poem to music, sing it, and become a star, like my favorite singer Taylor Swift. Hey, everyone's got to have a dream right?:) So here it is:

i was 12 when i kneW i loved you
Hoping, praYing that one Day you'd love me too.

I was 13 when you realizeD You lOved me too
right then the world stopped being so cold and blUe.

i was 14 when you LEft
And i neVer got to say goodbyE.

i was 15 trying My hardEst to get over you
by then the only thing the world was wAs bLue.

i was 16 and sweet and stil never been kissed
because you were stilL the One I missed

i was 17 wheN i gavE up on love
threw my hands down on the table and said i've had enough

and now the world's no longer bright 
now it's only blue
and when i cry myself to sleep at night
i'm only thinking about you.

I know it's sad. I'm sorry. But did any of you figure out the secret code? I'm following Taylor Swift's idea of putting a secret code into the message. (okay, if you didn't know she did that, then *quick* grab you lyric books of any of Taylor's songs-the books that are in the cd case-and put all the capital letters in order and you'll get a secret message, it's super cool!) So hurry up and comment on what you think the message is! Hope you enjoyed it! :-)

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