Friday, November 30, 2012

Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith-Review


Movie Rating: PG-13 for frightening images, sequences of peril, and language
Book Rating: @@@@@
Swearing: lots of uses of h**l, two uses of b******s, and a few d**n (more than I would like)
Inappropriate Scenes: None
# of pages: 273 (paperback)
Genre: YA Thriller
Publisher: Square Fish (they have such a cute emblem ;)
LLFTB: what you do as a kid will affect you for the rest of your life

Back Blurb:

An underground hole.
A place of pure evil with walls soaked in blood.
Murderous gangs and vicious guards rule the darkness.
Horrific creatures steal people away in the dead of night.
And the impossible--ESCAPE--is the only hope.

My Review:

This is the 1st book I have read by Mr. Smith. And it will not be the last! I got the rest of the series from my library like immediately after reading Lockdown (well, all of them except for the last one, i'm still waiting for my library to get that one):. For this being written by a man, having only boys in the book, being geared toward the male part of the world, and with me being a girl this book was phenomenal! Super good! But I'm not surprised because, psh, who needs romance and girly stuff in a book when there's tons of chair-gripping, nail-biting scenes?!? Honestly, this was my first YA Thriller and it amazed me. As I said before this book was written by a guy for guys but the girls who enjoy their blood and guts (like me) will love it too! And I loved the rest of the series (except, like I sadly  mentioned, the last one)! So def. check this book out! I recommend this book to lovers of Dark Eden, The Kill Order, and Eve of Destruction. It was sooooooo good!!!!!!

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