Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ranting Wednesday. Again.

     Recently, our sad excuse for a President passed a bill that told certain schools what they could and could not serve their students for lunch and how many calories it could be. And I ask myself, "Who the heck are they to tell us what we can and cannot eat?!?" I mean really, Who do they think they are? They're the government, yeah. But the 4 legitimate functions of the government are to:
(1)preserve law and order
(2) enforce justice
(3) defend the nation
(4) provide for those few social needs that cannot be met in the free market. (see mom I am paying attention in Civics!) I don't see anything in that short list that says that they can tell what we can and cannot eat. Do you? Some how I don't think providing a diet plan for U.S. citizens falls into category 4.
     And think about it. Aren't cheaper gas prices more important than that chocolate frosted cupcake I ate for breakfast this morning?
     They want to help the economy? Well maybe they should start by lowering gas prices, lowering taxes, and stop taking our money. (oh, but that won't happen will it? because a fat paycheck speaks louder than angry citizens)

Civics lesson for the day written by,
The Maniacal Bookworm

Did you know--that Patrick Henry, one of the firebrands of the revolution, was absent from the Constitutional Convention in 1787 because he "smelt a rat"?


  1. *Oh, but we *need* government-nanny oversights for the sake of our children and the ongoing *war* against obesity. Thank heavens the mayor of NYC had the courage to ban large soda drinks.

    *end of sarcasm. :p

    1. I agree! Where would we be without our babysitter? :) (probably better off...) And seriously? How many pounds can a large soda add?


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