Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sharia Law? Not in America!

Obama's for Sharia Law. Really. I'm not surprised seeing as how our current sad-excuse-for-a-president just so happens to be a Muslim. But seriously does anyone really know anything about Sharia Law? Sharia Law on Wikipedia I know one thing: SAY GOODBYE TO WOMEN'S RIGHTS! Because guess what! YOU HAVE NONE! And I mean none. When a father can murder his own daughter because he's mad she's works at a beauty salon that's wrong! When a father can kill his own daughter by beating her and then tying her to a tree and chopping off her head with an axe: THAT'S WRONG! And the same thing should happen to him. It's pathetic. It's barbarous. It's disgusting. It's sinful. Father murders daughter with an axe

And they want this for America?!? Why? Again, it's pathetic. Maybe this so called peace-loving race of people isn't so peace-loving after all. Maybe they're really just a bunch of tyrants. And our 'president' is part of that. Pathetic. Disgusting.

In short, Sharia Law is bullying and we all know how much we want to stop bullying! So stand against Sharia Law!

I know who I want to get elected this year. And it's not Obama.

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