Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We have a release date for the Divergent movie!!!

Can it be? Can the Divergent movie really be getting ready to be filmed? It seems like March 21, 2014 is going to be an exciting day for all the fans of the Divergent series because....you guessed it.....
*squeeeeee* I can't wait. Confetti's falling from the sky, fireworks are going off, everybody's doing the happy dance.... Well, not literally, but still. : D Can you imagine seeing Tris, Christina, Will, Peter (i seriously hope he dies a horrible death. i can't stand that monster....), and more importantly, TOBIAS in flesh instead of just on paper? So who do you want to play the characters? I dunno how old Anna Sophia Robb is but maybe she could play Tris or that girl who played in The City of Ember, what was her name, Saiorise Ronan? Something like that? And who should play Tobias? I have no idea. No one's good looking enough for him, I don't think. And even if they are good-looking will they have his character? Are you excited for this movie as much as I am?

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