Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Okay so yeah, I would classify myself as nerd. There, ha, I said it. :) But then again all the nerds get the good jobs. Well, I'm in the grade where school can get kind of tricky. No, not kind of. Very. And I started getting really depressed and all because it was so tricky and I didn't think I could do it. And then I realized it's not really hard I'm just going about it the wrong way. So, I have a few tips for those of you who feel like their head is going to explode because of all their school.

1: Study 
Yeah, I hate it too, trust me. But, unfortunately, it has to be done.
2: Have unlimited resources
The Internet is a good resource but it can get annoying having to constantly reload a page or type in a new page. So I suggest..........books! Of course!!! The such&such for Dummies books are really good. But I prefer CliffNotes. I use CliffNotes quick review and just regular CliffNotes to help with Chemistry and they are super helpful. Also, for Chemistry go out and spend the $5 for a laminated nice periodic table that you take with you everywhere. (not that I do of course) and a laminated Study Sheet made by Quick Study Academic for any subject is a good investment too. I have one for Chemistry, Geometry, and Math review and I can't live without them. (Quick Study Academia is also where I got my super awesome periodic table) And they have the 3 hole punch in them already so you can just clip them into your binder. Also for Math you might want to check out The Usborne Dictionary of Math. I know it sounds boring but it's not.
3: Take Notes
Take notes, take notes, take notes! I can't stress this enough! Every single diagram, every single table write it down!

Hope this helps you! :P

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