Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I know, I know.

     It's yet another post about the world-famous Hunger Games. Another one. I'm so sorry. You're probably sick of these posts by now. But The Hunger Games released August 18th and I'm just kind of promoting it.           So I wanted to point out one specific similarity between the dystopian government in THG (from now on I'll refer to The Hunger Games as THG) our present day's government. A lot of people wonder, "Where in the world did Suzanne Collins get the idea for such a brutal book?" But is this book brutal just because it's to close to the truth? I mean, to me it's easy to see where she got her idea from. Present day America isn't that much different from the fictional country of Panem, if you think about. And haven't you noticed? People are to scared to stand and fight for what they believe in nowadays, just like the people in Panem. It's hard, yes, to stand up for what you believe in. It is. Trust me, I know. But come one people, you have to see that our so called government is getting worse and worse and is turning into one of the biggest monsters in all of history!
      I'm not saying that we will ever stoop to forcing children to kill children but there is a similarity between the 2 governments. Both governments had.................(wait for it).....................too much control. So it's easy to see where Ms. Collins got her inspiration for a power hungry government. Our government today wants their hands in every thing we do. Every single aspect of our lives. Such as what we eat, for crying out loud!!! I mean, are we not capable of knowing that every time we eat a chocolate bar or sip a milkshake that we are going to gain a few pounds? Obviously not. The government must think us stupid or something because milkshakes and sweets are already being banned certain states. *gasps by a sudden revelation* OMG!!! :O I probably even shouldn't be talking about our government this way! Because recently our current *coughs quietly* president just signed a deal that allows the government to read and record every little thing you do online on your computer or on your phone. So that phone call I made to my BFF about the boy at my church, they were listening. That email I just sent my mom telling her that dinner needs to be done at seven o'clock tonight, they saw it. This blog post I'm writing about our out of control government-they're reading it. My bad. Oops. Do you see now the similarity? Both governments had TOO MUCH CONTROL! And it'll just keep getting worse unless the people of America stand against it.

  The government was created to serve us. They work for us. I think they tend to 'forget' that. What would our founder think, I wonder. Our founders who fought, suffered, and died for what they believed spawned millions of people that are afraid to stand up against anything for fear of offending someone (psh) or not wanting to disrupt the so-called 'peace' (yeah, whatever). Can't you guys see that more we just sit twiddling our thumbs the more the government is going to take until, finally, we can't even sneeze without their permission. The government was created to serve us. And the Declaration of Independence says that when the government does stop serving us 'But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide for new Guards for their future security.'
     I'm not writing this so everyone runs for their guns (a thing that will soon be lost, sadly) but so that you understand that now is the time to stand up. To push back when shoved. To make a statement when we are ignored. It is the time to free the Americans from their bondage. It is time! When your Congressman votes for something you don't approve of. Write him. If he doesn't listen. Vote him out. Replace him. Like the Declaration states. Fight back, America! Please! A government strong enough, is a government that can take everything away.
So you tell me people of Panem are you ready to stand up for what you believe?!

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