Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Stop the bullying!

STOP THE BULLYING! We've been hearing this for a while now haven't we? It's posted on FaceBook statuses, painted on walls, yelled at you at school. But it hasn't changed anything. Now I know that I'm not going to do this blog post and all of a sudden bullying is a thing of the past, no that isn't going to happen,
unfortunately, but one voice can make a difference. Be it a big or small difference it is still a difference. Do people not care what they tell or do to others? Don't they stop and think, "Hey, I can't tell the future. Maybe this person's going to become president someday or invent flying cars!"? Who knows. The person you pick on one day for being smart or standing up for what they believe in might be your boss someday. And then they'll have the power to bully you! What happens if the person you tell to kill themselves really does go and kill himself and he was going to be the person that solved world hunger or would have found the cure for Cancer? What happens then? World hunger or cancer continues for another 100 or so years till someone else comes along. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people would die within those 100 years and you're partly responsible! And if you're the person being picked I understand that it's hard to stand up for yourself but remember, "A Person's A Person No Matter How Small." Your time to stand up is coming! Sooner or later it'll be here. Just have faith.

*ATTENTION* Friday, March 9th, I am having my very first author interview! Jill Williamson author of Replication: The Jason Experiment will be here answering my questions. Stop on bye and check her out! It's going to be fun! :D

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