Tuesday, January 03, 2012

And the Clock Struck 12...

Well, it's the.....(you guessed it!)......THE NEW YEAR!!!! Happy 2012! Have you come up with your resolutions yet? I'm not really a resolutions person myself. I mean they can be good, but by the end of the year you'll have forgotten them. Unless, of course, you write them on your hand every day. I sat down and tried to think of some good ole' resolutions but the only stuff I came up with wasn't really resolutions they were just chances at being annoying. (I'm never annoying...) Anyway, I decided to tell you about our little escapade while bringing in the New Year! Well, it started off normal enough: playing video games, snacking, watching movies. And then the clock struck 12.

Well, as soon as it struck Dad runs for the fireworks and Mom (of course) runs for the metal pans. And you know how that goes. You get 2 pans and bang them against each other to ring in the New Year right? Wrong. All the stories about how fun that is are utterly and totally WRONG! You see, when you're dead tired, your eyes are glazed over with no sleep and you can barely move you don't metal pans shoved in your face with this HORRIBLE tinging sound that permeates alllllll the way into your bones--right down into the marrow. So with the tinging still in our ears, we stumble to the front door and watch as Dad lights the firework.

The BIG one.

(Before I continue let me lay out our front yard in your mind. Our front yard is Very tiny. It's all a hill except for one part under a tree. No chance of lighting a firework there.) So Dad puts the BIG firework on our hill. He lights it and for 5 seconds everything is normal. That is until the force of the shot and gravity work together and the firework fell over. It. Fell. Over. Glowing orbs of fire shot out everywhere. Toward us, the house, the poor chicken in the tree..... We all scramble back inside just as the last ball of fire shoots out and.................................................hits our house with a WHUMP! Fortunately, we, the chicken, the house, everyone and everything were okay but we had all had enough of celebration and quickly went to bed. And if anyone had nightmares about being shot with a ball o'flame no one said anything.

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