Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jokes: Part Une!

    Well, I love to laugh. (Bet you couldn't figure that out with all my little smiley faces everywhere, huh?) My favorite jokes are the blond jokes. So I'm going to tell some of my favorites here (blonds pleases do get offended and take into consideration that I am partly blond myself):

Joke 1:
      A red-head, a brunette, and a blond are all slated to be executed. Their execution date finally arrives and they are marched out into an enclosed area where they are to be shot. The red-head gets up and walks into the middle of the area. Just before the firing squad fires she yells, "TORNADO!!!," the firing squad is distracted and the red-head gets away. The brunette also walks into the middle of the area and just before she's shot she yells,"EARTHQUAKE!!" And she gets away. The blond walks into the middle and, using the red-head and brunette's method, yells as loud as possible,"FIRE!!!!" She was shot without hesitation.

Joke 2:
      A red-head, a brunette, and a blond are stranded on top of a tower. After hours of waiting a fairy godmother comes along and says that she will get them off the tower by having them jump off yelling whatever they would like to land on. So the red-head gets up to the edge yells, "Clothes!" She falls unharmed into a big pile of clothes. The brunette gets up to the edge and yells, "Money!" She lands in a big pile of money. The blonds gets up to the edge and right before she jumps she trips
and yells,"Aw, CRAP!" 

(What a nasty way to break a fall...)

Those are only 2 jokes of the hundreds of jokes I know. Stay tuned to hear more! And as always thanks for stopping by to enjoy the fun! :D  :D

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