Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Wednesday and a Hello to Everyone!

The One and Only.........................................................RANDOM WEDNESDAY! (whoop, whoop)
Okay, some of you may or may not know that I am a VERY random person. No, seriously, I am! So if my sentences don't really make sense sometimes (ha ha), don't worry. Just ignore it and keep reading. So really, Random Wednesday is where I just fly by the seat of my pants and come up with a topic out of the blue. It can be anything from jokes I've heard from my friends, school talk, what happened to me while shopping, talking about the holidays, basically anything that can happen in your daily life...
So the first installment of my Random Wednesday posts is................TODAY!!!!! 8D

Here it is....
  It's nice to *meet* you here! Most of you have probably heard the rumor that Amanda Stephan has turned the reins of this blog over to her daughter, The Manaical Bookworm. (No, that is not my name but, because I like to confuse people, that's what I'm calling myself.) I'm here to put these rumors to rest. They are TRUE! So you guys are going to have to bear with me as this is my first time getting a blog going, so please forgive me if I skip a day in my schedule! (continue reading) So *WARNING* there will be some changes! Not that I don't like the way my mom did it,
because I do. It's just going to be set up a little different. So here's the blog's schedule: Movie Monday (because I'm a movie fanatic), Random Wednesday (because as you will see: I'm a VERY random person) and finally, Book Review Friday (because as you can tell from my name I  LOVE to read).
           So let me tell you a bit about myself: Let's see...I adore school-Math especially-although I could do without the Chemistry part of the equation... I want to go to college to be either a lawyer or forensic scientist. I love to read (obviously) and my favorite genres are Dystopian (ex:The Hunger Games), Fantasy (ex: Lord of the Rings or Inkheart), and some chi-lit (ex: Matched or The Price of Trust). I only read books with little or no swearing and absolutely no sex scenes or 'inappropriate situations.' So sometime, not in the immediate future, I'm going to make a list of books that have garbage in them, so you will not make the same mistake I did and pick it up and read it! Also I'm going to rate books a little differently than most. You'll remember I told you I love movies so I'm going to rate the books the way movies are rated. (Ex: G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, R)
          So I guess this is enough blabbing about myself and I tell you all, "Bye! And I hope to see you on here again sometime soon!"

The Manacial Bookworm (TMB) :)


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