Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Helpful Hair Care Advice

Hi everybody! So with the new posts there's going to be a lot of different stuff posted on here. I don't have very much time to read anymore (so sad, I know) and so all the posts I'll be doing will be about things that I do during the day and feel compelled to share my knowledge or experiences with everyone. So today's post will be about hair care (kinda boring lol sorry).

     In the middle of winter a girl's can dry out. Pretty bad. To the point of snapping in half when you bend it-like mine was or is. So with the technology we have today I decided to peruse Pinterest for some hair masks. Amid the many many many pins there was one recipe that was everywhere and that was: Coconut oil, olive oil, and raw egg. Now I had tried the coconut oil and it was working but not to the extent that I would have liked and olive oil didn't sound so bad but the egg...now the egg was a different story. I really really did not want to pour raw egg in my damaged hair but I was desperate (and very very bored) so raw egg it was. After warming up about a tablespoon each of coconut and olive oil I cracked the egg and poured the concotion all over my scalp. Gross. Ew. Disgusting. Blech. Shudder shudder cringe. Worst mistake of my life.
      The coconut oil and olive oil were fine. The egg? Not so much. As soon as it touched my scalp my skin shriveled up, no joke. Wherever the egg touched on my hair instantly dried into a hard clump of nasty hair. After I left it on for about an hour and a half (thanks to the insistence of my loving husband who didn't want me to waste one of his eggs) I washed it off and after the shower my hair was softer but almost to the point of feeling greasy.
       My overall feeling about this hair mask is: coconut oil and olive oil was awesome. I will definitely be using them again. The egg, though? Never in a million years. Ever.

~Blogger out :P

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