Monday, February 17, 2014

StudioGear Cosmetics Product Review and Coupon

Hey, bloggers! I have my first product review for you (and a coupon)! :) I had the pleasure of receiving two products from StudioGear Cosmetics: Face Primer and Mascara. My review is going to be in 2 parts. One part about the Face Primer, the second part about the mascara.

Part One: The Face Primer


Rating: @@@@

For a long time, I've been using regular lotion as my primer. And it left my face sticky and greasy and gross and shiny. But no more!!! :) The Prime Objective Face Primer is nothing short of Amazing! My face feels so soft and it's not greasy anymore and it's moisturized! Just a little bit of this primer goes a long way and now I'm addicted. 

Part Two: The Mascara


Rating: @@@@@

Need longer lashes? Without the caked-on look? Look no further than the Impactfull Pro Mascara. This stuff is a miracle. Long-lasting without having to put gobs on to make your lashes look longer. My favorite part of this product was actually the brush. The bristles were so soft! It was like a mini hair brush for your eyes. And it doesn't clump the lashes together, it separates them to make your eyes have more volume. This is the best mascara I have ever used! Two thumbs up!

Coupon time!!! Put in the coupon code: Maniacal13 for 10% off your purchase. :)

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