Thursday, January 30, 2014

Catching Fire DVD to *hit* the shelves...

Well not literally *hit* the shelves...unless some worker is having an especially rough day as he (or she) lines up the orange and black Catching Fire DVD cases on the early morning of March 7th. That's right. You heard me.
MARCH 7th!
                    *confetti, balloons, candy, and mockingjay pins are now falling from the sky*
But I digress. If you wish to make sure that you get a copy of Catching Fire before the crowds run you over in the mad dash to be the first owner of this wonderful film, Walmart is selling pre-order tickets. You buy the ticket and then, when Walmart gets the hard copy of the movie, you trade your ticket in for the movie. (so see, you're not really paying 30 dollars for a piece of paper) Indulge your Gamian side and don't forget to buy a mockingjay pin! :) #CatchingFireDVD

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