Friday, August 16, 2013

Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin::Review


Book Rating: @@@@@
Movie Rating: PG-13 for light languages
Swearing: a few uses of D**n and H**l
Inappropriate Scenes: a guy and girl sleep in the same bed--nothing happens
# of Pages: 319 (paperback)
Genre: YA Steampunk
Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Back Blurb:


     Everything is in ruins.
     A devastating plague has decimated the population, and those who are left live in fear of catching it as the city crumbles around them.
     So what does Araby Worth have to live for?
     Nights in the Debauchery Club, beautiful dresses, glittery makeup . . . and tantalizing ways to forget it all.
     But in the depths of the club—in the depths of her own despair—Araby will find more than oblivion. She will find Will, the terribly handsome proprietor of the club, and Elliott, the wickedly smart aristocrat. Neither is what he seems. Both have secrets. Everyone does.
     And Araby may find not just something to live for, but something to fight for—no matter what it costs her.

My Review:

     Masque of the Red Death was 1 of 3 random book buyings at my local B&N. So I was a little leary of it. But for no reason, because the Masque was sooooo good! The only problem I had with it was I couldn't figure out what time frame the book took place in. (i'm probably just dense) Other than that this book kept me flipping to page to page to page eagerly taking in more of the Masque. I stayed up late and woke up early just to read the next few chapters.
     The character twists left me gasping (my mom kept looking at me funny). And, personally, I'm hoping that Elliot and Araby can throw caution into the wind and get together. (although Will is smokin' hot, too)
      I cannot wait to read the sequel, Dance of the Red Death! Wonderful wonderful job, Ms. Griffin.

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