Saturday, July 13, 2013

Selena's New Album

     July 23rd is Selena Gomez's newest album release. It's called Stars Dance and the cover art is amazing. I would show a picture but my computer is going a little weird. So just bear with me. And because I love Selena so much I'm gonna tell you guys all about this cd. :-)
     The album features 11 songs, not including 2 Bonus Tracks. It's selling for $11.88 on Amazon which is more than Taylor Swift's album, RED. In my opinion, Stars Dance should be cheaper than RED because it has fewer songs, but this is show biz so what do I know? (they could probably charge $20 for this cd and people would still buy it.)

     Here are the songs:

  1. Birthday-3:20
  2. Slow Down-3:30
  3. Stars Dance-3:37
  4. Like a Champion-2:55
  5. Come & Get It-3:51
  6. Forget Forever-4:11
  7. Save the Day-3:52
  8. B.E.A.T.-3:04
  9. Write Your Name-3:16
  10. Undercover-3:53
  11. Love Will Remember-3:30
  12. Nobody Does It Like You (Bonus Track)-3:56
  13. Music Feels Better (Bonus Track)-3:10

Now here are the songs that have been released to the public:

(1) Come and Get It--Official Music Video.
The video is not my favorite but I LOVE the song.

(2) Slow Down--Audio Only
At least now you can see the cover art! Isn't it cool?

(3) Love Will Remember-This song was not officially released. Instead someone leaked it so it is pitched. And the voicemail at the beginning is a real voicemail that Justin Bieber left on Selena's phone. And out of all of these I think this one is my favorite.

     There was also a Stars Dance, 20 second instrumental preview. There was no singing. And the video has been removed. But rumor has it, Selena sings this track with Swedish House Mafia. And I listened to the instruments and if they are any indication, this track will be very interesting to listen to because of all the electronica influences. See you at the stores on July 23rd!

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