Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Agent Colt Shore: Domino 29 by Axel Avian


Movie Rating: PG-13 some content may not be suitable to younger children
Book Rating: @@@@
Swearing: couple of uses of small words like d**n and h**l and 1 use of S**t
Inappropriate Scenes: None. There is talk about human trafficking but nothing dirty
# of pages: 368 (paperback)
Genre: YA Adventure
Publisher: Arundel Publishing

Back Blurb:

Any domino can knock down another that’s one and half times larger.
Start with a domino the size of a piece of gum, and 29 dominos later,
you’re knocking down one the size of the Empire State Building.
Did that ever happen to you? Where one tiny choice
leads to another, until your whole life is crazy?
A week ago, I was a normal guy.
Not a secret agent at all.
Now if I’m not smart,
We’re all dead.

My Review:

To me, Domino 29 is the perfect beach read! (yeah, it’s still kind of chilly where I live so I’m daydreaming about the beach….*sigh*)
      Every kid dreams about becoming a secret agent. A life full of action instead of just school. So every kid loves to read a book about a kid becoming a secret agent. A book like Domino 29. Full of tons of fights and suspenseful fights, follow 15 year old agent Colt Shore as his mission changes from protecting a international rock star to something a lot more sinister!
     Ready for this? Okay, Colt was a very lovable character and I would be perfectly happy to read more book with main characters like Colt. He was just so nice! I did not like his mom so much. There’s no way I would forgive her as quickly as Colt did, but Colt is a much better person than me. Tayla was really super annoying. She seemed like she whined and whined and whined to get her way. I mean, if someone was with me to protect me from getting killed or kidnapped I would not treat him like he was dirt. Nu huh. I would be doing some major butt kissing.
Note to the author:
     Mr. Axel Avian,
First off, let me just say I love your name. I really liked your book! Definitely keep writing! I want more of Colton’s story! Loved your book and thank you for keeping it clean, so I don’t have to panic if my mom walks into my room.

Recommend this book to lovers of: Alex Rider

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