Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heather Burch interview and giveaway!

Alrighty, people. You all have probably heard about the books Halflings and Guardian numerous times on this blog, and you've probably read the previous author interviews with Heather Burch, and I hoped you enjoyed them because Ms. Burch is back (once I find an author that's as nice as Ms. Burch is I just can't stop asking them to be a part of my blog)!

Today we're talking about her newest book, Avenger (it also releases today so be sure to pick up your copy!):

HI Brenna! Thanks for asking me to stop by.

1: What is one job you would NEVER want to do?
There are so many things I enjoy, it’s kind of hard to think of something I would really hate. Oh, I know! One of those window washers that dangle miles above the ground in big cities. I don’t mind heights, but that high up with so little between you and the ground gives me the heebie-jeebies!

2: Who is your favorite actress/actor?
I like that Kiera Knightley is always so physical with her roles—hitting her costars and shoving them. I always think, “She probably doesn’t even know him that well, but she’s laying into him like they’re brother and sister!” It makes her work very believable.  Also, I like Bruce Willis. Yes, he’s an old guy, but I enjoy every character he plays.

3: Tell us a little about your newest book Avenger?
Zero is kidnapped and only Nikki can take his place. If she doesn’t, he’ll die. If she does, it will put her in Damon Vessler’s prison where he will use brutal force on her until she turns into a dark creature. Nikki won’t let Zero suffer. But the choice to take his place may cost her her life.

4: Of the three books in the Halflings series, which was the hardest book to write and why?
I had a really fun time writing Avenger, lots of fighting and twists and turns in the plot. But I was on book tour at the time, so it was difficult. I’m used to writing at home where it’s quiet. Traveling and lots of different hotel rooms made it hard to keep my focus.

5: Do you have any special sayings that help you in your journey as a writer?
“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized during the lifetime of the opportunity.” Steve Hill said that. It’s not limited to writing, but I use it often where my writing is concerned. I never want to miss an opportunity.

Avenger is available in hardcover here: Amazon: Avenger
Avenger is available on Kindle here: Amazon: Avenger-Kindle

Check out Avenger's trailer here:

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