Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello and Welcome to Ranting Wednesday! (oops! Sorry, I mean Random Wednesday.)

Today the topic is: Bookstores! YAY!

Everybody loves a bookstore! (Unless, of course, you don't like to read....) Anyway, I love the bookstore and I literally spend hours in Barnes&Noble going through shelves over and over and over and over until all the workers are wondering if I'm casing the joint and then they start to follow me around. But I went there recently and found out something interesting about myself.

I'm scared to pick up a book that made the Top Teen Picks. And I mean terrified.

And I asked myself why? I mean, The Hunger Games is on there. And so is Divergent. And Halflings. And I loved them right? But Divergent and The Hunger Games and Halflings are rarities. They were the only book that made the Top Teen Picks shelf that were clean and didn't have a whole lot of swearing. Why do teen
nowadays have to have sex and swearing in their books? Why do authors think they have to put that stuff in there to sell more copies?! Why do publishers request that authors put that stuff in there? Yes, teenagers shouldn't read that and shouldn't want to read that BUT it's the authors and the publishers that started the whole thing! So they're both to blame. I found 2 books from Garth Nix and author I formerly liked. Key Word? Formerly. A Confusion of Princes has talk about sex and Shade's Children has major swearing. Why did he do this? He wrote the Keys to the Kingdom series. They weren't dirty. And still they were bestsellers! Why Why Why? I am so disappointed in Garth Nix and all the other authors that do this. And now on to the people that put these dirty authors where they are. In the spotlight. Why do you need to read these books? Do they really make you feel better? Are you really happy after you get done reading them? Do you really think love is sex? That's pathetic. Just plain P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. It's sad, too. Ever heard the phrase-"You are what you eat"? Try this-"You are what you read". Because you are! You're better than that trash. Trust me. You're don't deserve to read that stuff! Come on now. I know that we are better than this!

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