Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guardian by Heather Burch


Movie Rating: PG for some scary images
Book Rating: @@@@@
Swearing: None
Inappropriate Scenes: None
# of Pages: 309 (hardcover)
Genre: YA Paranormal
Publisher: Zondervan

Back Blurb:


The mission to safeguard Nikki Youngblood depends on the fragile alliance of two half-angel, half-human guardians, both struggling with intense feelings for the girl who
has been assigned to their care. Mace, steadfast and deeply in love, wants to protect Nikki at all costs, while Raven's loyalty to Nikki finds him advocating for her 
independence and battling his own darker inclinations. At the same time Nikki finds it harder and harder to choose between the two heavenly beings she may never

Dangers intensify, and tensions between Mace and Raven flare as the purpose of their mission becomes clear. Can their defense hold up to master manipulator Damon
Vessler and the powerful secret he holds regarding Nikki's heritage? Can anyone protect Nikki from her true purpose and destiny?

They chose to protect her but forgot to guard their hearts.

My Review:

*may contain minor spoilers*

Ba-da boom Ba-da bang Firepower..... (what movie? :) Has anyone heard that song by Jeanelle (i think that's how you spell her name....) You're so Amazing? (if you haven't you totally need to!) Well, I've been going around my house singing my own version of that song. It goes something like this: This book's Amazing. :-) Better than the first! (if you can believe it) I was so happy to get this book. I've been waiting for it to release for, like, 4ever. The Halflings series has to be the only paranormal book about angels I have ever enjoyed. And boy am I hooked. Have you ever finished a book and loved it so much you were depressed because you finished it?  Well, that's exactly how I felt. I was so disappointed I didn't have anymore of Guardian to read I moped around the house for a couple of days desperately wishing
that an extra 400 pages would magically appear at the end of the book. And the super duper surprising twist!!!! It was awesome!
And now on to more tricky matters, I'm in serious denial about Nikki's parents being alive. They can't be. (I'm going to sound like a jerk) But I really hope they're not alive. I think that would just take away from the reality factor a little. It would make it to happy, I think. But I'm warped that way)
And now I'm torn. In Halflings I was desperately hoping that Nikki would dump Mace and get together with Raven but now I'm not so sure. I think I'm warming up to the idea of Nikki&Mace. (although if I was Nikki I would totally go for Raven.....)
Guardian is the long-awaited sequel to the awesometastic book Halflings! Do NOT Miss This Series!!! I am just tickled pink (and well, every other color of the color spectrum too) to have this awesome book on my shelf! Thank you very very very very much Ms. Burch! You ROCK! <3 p="p">
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