Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We will never ever forget.


Eleven years. A lot can happen in 11years. Anybody remember what happened 11 years ago? I do although I was very young. I remember the horror, the terror, the fear on everyone's faces that day. Because on that not so significant Tuesday morning of September 11th millions of people went about their everyday life. Some went to school, some to work, and some stayed home. Not knowing that day America was going to change. Drastically. And then 'it' happened and suddenly that not so significant Tuesday morning of September 11th became one of the most significant dates in the history of the United States. Four jets were hijacked early that morning by a terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. Three of these planes, their unfortunate passengers, and a small group of hate-filled terrorists crashed into some of the most renowned buildings in the U.S. Two crashed into the North and South Towers of The World Trade Center killing their crew, the passengers, most of the people in the two buildings, and the terrorists. One crashed into the Pentagon also killing its hijackers, crew, passengers, and people unfortunate enough to be in the way of the renegade plane. People who had no idea what would happen to them that morning. People who were innocent. Killed out of spite, and greed, and power, and hate. People who had families and homes, moms and dads, wives or husbands. Killed because of the lust for power. And because of a race's hate.

And the fourth plane?

Well, that one was supposed to hit the Capitol. The passengers of that plane overcame the hijackers and the plane crashed landed in a field in Pennsylvania instantly killing a crew of 7, and 33 passengers (not including the terrorists). Can you imagine? The blood, the fear, the death. People calling their loved ones to say, ":Goodbye and I love you," for the very last time. Can you imagine knowing that you were going to die? Can you imagine being a person on the side of the road staring up at the smoking towers, knowing people are in there that need out, wanting to help, and yet you can do nothing. Being helpless to help the helpless. And it makes you wonder: How can someone do that to people?! How? It's horrible, it's sick, it's demented and it's hard to feel sorry for those terrorists that are burning in hell now. Because if you watch the videos of those attacks you can't feel anything but sadness and anger.

America came together as a nation during those years after the Attack. America was closer to God and to each other. But America isn't a close-knit as it once was and I have to ask you, "What will it take for America to come back to God?" Another terrorist attack? Or something worse? Those people died for America. Would you do the same? Would I? I don't know. I hope so.

And remember, Never Ever Forget September 11th!

And I hope we:

(oh, I'm not sure. Is our current president doing anything to remember September 11th? I don't know. If you do could you please tell me in the comments? It'd be nice to know. :)

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