Monday, August 06, 2012

movie monday--Brave

It's been a while but I have another Movie Monday! This one is about Brave the new animated movie.


Release Date: June 22, 2012
Movie Rating: PG for scary images and some crude humor (not official movie rating)
My Rating: @@@@@

My Review:

I never understood why teens nowadays don't admit that they watch animated movies because they're afraid they won't be 'cool'. I'll admit it, "I LOVE ANIMATED MOVIES!!!" I've watched a lot of animated movies that are so much better than real life movies. And Brave is no exception! It was such a good movie! It showed how talking and listening to your family members is a good thing, and that sometimes compromise is a good thing. It also showed that you can't change people how you think they should be changed. It was a really good movie don't miss it! If you not to 'cool' to watch animation..... But hurry because it probably leaves the theater soon! I really really enjoyed this movie the only thing I wished for was some romance and  I really want a sequel!! :D

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