Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Poetic Quoter made me a poem and she said I could share it with you guys. I think it's awesome! :) (psst, be sure to click on the link to her blog at the end!)


The freedom of speech
doesn't mean you get to have
the freedom to hurt

Say what you feel,
allow others
to do the same

Know that some people
will abuse that freedom
because they think
words are meaningless

But the opposite is a FACT.

Words mean everything.

Words can brighten a day,
give encouragement,
provoke tears of sadness and
tears of joy

A nice comment can work
wonders on a hard day.

Although we may have opinions,
sometimes they should be
kept to ourselves.

We may not realize
the hurt we create,
but that is just as important
as the friendships we make.

The people in your life
will love you and leave you,
but regardless of your situation,
you shouldn't take out
anger on other people.

Tell your opinions when asked,
but say it nicely,
or your friends,
who are listening,
won't last.

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