Friday, February 24, 2012

Look what I got for you! A review!! ;)

INKHEART (book 1 of the Inkheart trilogy) by  CORNELIA FUNKE

Movie Rating: PG-13 for violence and frightening images; mild swearing scattered throughout

Book Rating: @@@@@
Swearing: There are a few instances of small swear words. Such as h*** and d*** Nothing huge.

Genre: Fantasy
Published By: Scholastic Inc.
Inappropriate Scenes: None

Back Blurb:  
    One cruel night, Meggie's father read aloud from Inkheart, and an evil ruler named Capricorn escapes the boundaries of the book, landing in their living room. Suddenly, Meggie's in the middle of the kind of adventure she thought only took place in fairy tales. Somehow she must master the magic that has
conjured up this nightmare. Can she change the course of the story that has changed her life forever?

My Review: 
     Inkheart is one of my favorite books! As soon as I started reading this book Cornelia Funke had me believing that a single voice-a Silvertongue-could bring a book character out from the pages of its own world and into ours. I didn't much care for Farid but I loved Meggie.  New York Times Bestseller Cornelia Funke has wriggled her way onto my favorite authors list for years to come! (and i must confess. i did sit on my bed and read aloud to see if I'm a Silvertoungue. I'm not... :( )

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