Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do you love it when...

      Don't you just love it when you have an opinion and someone doesn't agree with you and instead of ignoring it and letting it go they jump all over you in an attempt to make you agree with them? I recently received 2 emails today that completely caught me off guard. I am a member of GoodReads (it's like a facebook for book lovers) and I got 2 emails from 2 different people. One of them said, "There is this woman on your group that said some really offensive stuff. Please delete her or her comments." and the other said, "I have to leave your group. I have never been cussed at or treated this bad EVER." I was floored. My group on GoodReads specifies that there is to be *ABSOLUTELY NO* swearing!! Curious, I checked it out like a good little moderator. I was stunned. This woman (not a lady)-Selene-got on my group and mentioned a book she had read and deemed it 'clean.' However, this book had rape in it and someone got on there and told Selene this. Selene replied to this person and started calling them a BUNCH of horrible names. (really, I learned some new words today) When this person didn't deserve it at all. She started calling my group a prejudice group against gay marriage (which we didn't even mention) and people who only read dull, lifeless books. I mean seriously, what is this woman's problem?! My group is titled Good Books For Picky Teenagers.(please click link) It's meant to be a spot where teens can come and warn people what books are dirty and tell which books are clean, so if this Selene didn't want to read good clean books Why Did She Join In The First Place unless to make fun and hurt the people who have the morals she lacks!! So even though I didn't say those horrible things I feel responsible because it was my group and I didn't watch it well enough. I trusted people to follow the rules and look where it got me. Luckily, I have taken care of the problem and the 2 victims of Selene's nasty remarks will not leave the group after all. But I'm just wondering What drives people to do this? Selene had no provocation to say the things she said. And more than 1 person was hurt because of what she said. Why do people do this? I never thought I would say this, but if Selene is not saved I feel sorry for the devil when she get there. He's going to have his hands full! I can only pray for her and hope that she sees herself as a sinner and gets saved. Then apologizes for this act of aggression. So could you all join me in praying for Selene? She is a bitter person that needs God's love in her life.

Thank you for letting me rant like this. I just needed to get this out.

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