Monday, January 23, 2012

The Sound of Red Returning Book Tour!

Movie Rating: PG-13 for violence, and some light swearing
Book Rating: @@@
Genre: Mystery Romance
Time Frame: Contemporary
Page Number: 288 (Paperback)
Swearing: 2 or 3 instances of the da**ing
Inappropriate Scenes: None
Published By: Kregel Publications

Back Blurb:
       It's been fifteen years since fames pianist Liesl Bower saw her beloved Harvard mentor gunned down, since the CIA disclosed his double life as a Russian spy. She was interrogated and released, with no incriminating evidence against her. But now, something has happened to set Russian and CIA agents on her heels. New intelligence suggests that Liesl possesses a coded message critical to a resugence of Soviet power.
      As global tensions mount, the Russians are in a frenzy to find the code before the Americans. Standing in their way, though, is the young pianist from the tidal creeks and secret-shrouded lanes of Charleston, South Carolina. As Liesl outruns the tip of the Russian spear, she must reckon with the wounds of her past, the love of a man she never thought could be hers, and the prevailing power of God. In the final hour, on a world stage, Liesl must deliver a message of her own.

My Review:
     Liesl Bower is hiding. Not by choice. She is the possessor of the fate of the nations. And she doesn't even know it. Russian spies follow her every move and struggling to keep ahead is the CIA. This book wasn't bad but it wasn't fantastic either. Maybe Mystery Romance isn't really my genre or maybe not. I thought everything happened a little to fast. The action, the romance, etc. Also Sue seemed to describe everything to the point to where you didn't believe it anymore. I also got a little confused to by all the flashbacks. I didn't even know how old Liesl was until the 4th chapter, I thought she was a little girl. My favorite character was the grandmother. She was soo cute and funny! So although this book wasn't my favorite. It was clean and that's something that's not being promoted right now. Good Clean Books. So if you like Mystery Romance check this book out! Who knows, You might like it!

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