Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Check out the New Blog!

So, my friend (yes a bookworm has lots of friends, even a maniacal one like me) started a blog and she asked if I could help her get awareness out for her blog by blogging about it on my blog. I said I would. (cause that's what friends are for) So my friend started her blog and she's titled it "The Poetic Quoter." She posts her favorite quotes that she's found and they're really good! Now I'm not saying this because she's my best friend but because I really do think so, This blog is sooooo Cool! If you're having a bad day and just need a 'pick me up' go on over to and follow this AMAZING blog! (Oh, and don't forget to comment too because all of us bloggers <3 comments!) (And that little fish box at the left hand side of her blog--you can feed the fish by clicking in the box. I've been doing it all day and they never seem to get full. It's addicting really. I need better stuff to do.) So please please please check this blog out and encourage a fellow blogger to keep on blogging! :)

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