Friday, December 16, 2011

Reveiw and GIVEAWAY!!!! :D


Movie Rating: PG for some violence
Book Rating: @@@@@
Genre: Science-Fiction
Swearing: Maybe 2 instances of the h-word. (maybe less)
Published By: Warner Vision Books

Back Blurb:
         Brace yourself for the #1 bestselling suspense series about your best dream--and worst nightmare: to have wings and fly. For six amazing kids--lab escapees engineered with this incredible gift--it means living and breathing the adrenaline of freedom and fear as they flee from ruthless search of their parents, their purpose, and survival. The prize is worth everything: Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel just might save the world.
Or maybe not.

My Review:     This is one of my favorite series ever! It ranks right up there with the Hunger Games! This is the 2nd book in the series and even better than the first! (Maximum Ride: Book 1: The Angel Experiment) Maximum Ride is the leader of her flock. And I say Flock because she and her friends are genetically altered. 98% human; 2% avian. And they have the Wings and the Bones to prove it! Read the first Book of the Maximum Ride series (The Angel Experiment) and then enter to WIN the SECOND book here!(Rules below) Maximum Ride is a series that adults and kids will and can enjoy together for years to come!
      Okay, so I got to thinking. It's Christmas, right? And what do people do on Christmas? They give gifts! So I'm going to give one lucky person a FREE copy of one of my favorite books: Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever! **This is BOOK 2 of the Maximum Ride series; it is NOT the first!!** (this copy isn't brand new. It is little loved on but it is still 100% percent readable, no ripped pages, creased pages, missing pages, etc.)

And now for YOUR chance to WIN!

(1) Post a comment below for 1 entry.(2) Tweet about this post and send me the link for an additional 1entry
(3) Follow my blog for an additional 1 entry(4) Post a blog post about this giveaway and send me the link for an additional 5 entries!

(You MUST notify me-link is preferred- via e-mail for rules 2, 3,and 4) My e-mail: themaniacalbookworm at gmail dot com.
Thank you for your participation!

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